Friday, September 9, 2011

I have learned a valuable lesson this year.  Never ship cake pops in the summer heat.  Many other cake pop makers do ship in the summer months, but I never will again.  I had so many customers receive them and they were melted, or cracked.  It made me feel awful and so unprofessional.  I never thought I would encounter so many problems over cake pops.  It truly was hit or miss.  You would have some orders arrive perfect, and other far less perfect.  It affects a baker because of all of the time that was spent making those cake pops.  So I managed to find a seller on Amazon that has the cardboard box with the Styrofoam insert.  This has helped, and will certainly help avoid damage in the winter from shipping.  From now on I will use this method as it is working!  Now we are off to the busy season of holidays!

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