Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What it's like to take a bite!

If you were to browse the interwebs, you will find that there are literally thousands of different cake pops out there. I'm often asked "What makes your cake pops so different?" It could be the way I masterfully hand mix the batter. It could be the way I finesse the eggs as they are gently, but effortlessly, cracked into the stainless steel pan. Maybe it's the way I fend off my three beautiful children from sneaking a tasty nibble or two after the cake has been made. I have even considered the possibility of it being the warm, moist steam that gently rises from the cakes as they are freshly pulled hot from the oven. It certainly could be all of those things, but I think the number one thing that makes my cake pops different is the love that is placed in each and every batch. I could take short cuts, but you can't short cut love. I want everyone that bites into the moist, sweet nectar of my cake pops to experience the same love that I pour into each hand made, home made bite!  Enjoy!


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  2. HI! I think your cakepops are fabulous! :)

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